Quick Step Laminate

Performance and innovation with Quick Step laminate

Quick Step's Advantages

Quick Step laminate Red Wing, MN

Quick Step is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of laminate flooring. One big advantage that Quick Step has over other manufactures is the fact that its product line consists only of laminate wood flooring. As a result, Quick Step continues to stay ahead of the competition with innovative product features and designs.

Another advantage Quick Step enjoys is its special layered construction. All laminate floors are made from individual layers, but Quick Step has special layers such as the core board and the balancing layer. The core board, which is made from high-density fiber board, is strong and water resistant. It offers more strength and stability than typical laminate cores. The balancing layer is a water resistant underlayer that keeps Quick Step laminate completely stable. Other laminate floors do not have such a robust bottom layer, so the floors often collapse underneath the weight of the top layers. With the core board and the balancing layer, Quick Step laminate floors will stand strong against everyday life.

In addition to its special construction, Quick Step laminate has other great features such as ScratchGuard, a strong surface finish that protects against scratches and scuffs. Also, Quick Step offers GenuEdge for authentic wood looks and Uniclic for long-lasting installation.

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