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Learn About Laminate Flooring

RIver-City-Carpet-One-Red-Wing-MN-Laminate-Flooring-GuideLaminate flooring gives you the opportunity to have luxury flooring without paying luxury prices.  It is specially designed and engineered to look and sometimes even feel exactly like hardwood, stone, or tile.  That’s why the room to the left, which has laminate wood flooring, looks exactly like it has hardwood flooring!

Laminate looks and feels solid, but it is really made of different layers fused together as one.  The top layer, called the wear layer, protects from scratches and impacts much better than other surface types.  Laminate is therefore one of the longest-lasting floors types available, able to withstand even the most active children and pets.  The second layer is called the decorative layer, and it includes a high-resolution image that makes laminate look like hardwood, stone, or tile.  The next layer, which is called the core layer, provides laminate with enough support to remain strong under heavy foot traffic.  The base layer is last, and it adds more stability and protects the floor against warping and moisture.

The biggest appeal of laminate is undoubtedly its price.  Laminate is as durable, as strong, and as attractive as its luxury counterparts.  But, since it’s specially engineered, laminate is much less expensive.  With laminate, you can have luxury flooring and still remain comfortable in any price zone.

We here at River City Carpet One are proud to carry a large selection of laminate, from popular brands such as IVC Balterio, Quickstep, Laminate for Life, and Invincible.  So, if you think laminate flooring is the best choice for your design, stop by our store or fill out the form to the right!

We're proud to serve customers in local areas such as Red Wing, Cannon Falls, Goodhue, Lake City, and Zumbrota!