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One of the advantages of hardwood floors is that they can be finished for extra protection and shine. The right finish can definitely keep your floor looking as good as new for a long time. Most finishes, however, are synthetic, and this can be problematic because synthetic finishes essentially form a plastic film over the floor's surface. This plastic film will wear down over time, and this makes the hardwood floor less protected and, of course, rather dull.

We at River City Carpet One are excited to offer a selection of Castle Combe hardwood from US Floors. Castle Combe hardwood, unlike most other hardwood floors, does not include a synthetic finish. Instead, Castle Combe features a natural oil finish. The natural oil finish is especially effective because it is not merely a surface coating; rather, the finish is absorbed into the wood. In a sense, the natural oil finish actually becomes a part of the hardwood floor. Why is this so important?

Because the natural oil finish is absorbed into the wood, the wood fibers become hardened. This hardening of the wood fibers means that Castle Combe floors are stronger and more stable than other hardwood floors. Castle Combe floors resist most scratches and scuffs, and they also are suitable for areas with foot traffic. Moreover, if you ever do see a scratch or a scuff, it can be easily removed with special maintenance oil.

What’s also great about the natural oil finish is that it will not wear off over time. Castle Combe hardwood floors therefore hold their luxurious appearances longer, and they do not need to be refinished as many times as most hardwood floors.

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