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Choosing Commercial Floors

commercial flooring Red Wing, MN

We at River City Carpet One are experts in the commercial flooring industry. For years, we have helped businesses in the Red Wing, MN area develop and execute commercial projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Before moving forward with your commercial flooring project, we encourage you to focus on safety, durability, and maintenance.

Slip Resistance

When choosing flooring for a commercial space, slip resistance is among the most important considerations. There is, as you can image, significant foot traffic (and other traffic) in commercial settings.  

Some floors are more suitable than others. For example, porcelain tile flooring has a rugged surface that will help prevent slips and falls, even when the flooring is wet.

Porcelain tile flooring isn't the only type of flooring that is slip resistant. In general, floors that have textured surfaces are more slip resistant than floors that have smooth surfaces.


Commercial flooring, much more than residential flooring, is inevitably going to be subject to a significant amount of foot traffic. In addition, there will be items dropped onto the surface of the floor, so strength and durability are paramount. Certain commercial-grade vinyl floors are suitable for most settings.

If your commercial setting has moisture, be sure to find a floor that is waterproof. Floors that are not waterproof are susceptible to mold and mildew.

Easy Maintenance

Commercial floors tend to make up significantly larger areas than residential floors. Because of those facts, it's important that the floor look professional and clean as much as possible. Choosing a commercial floor that is easy to maintain, and which typically only needs basic maintenance (such as mopping, sweeping, and other simple cleaning methods), can help ensure that your commercial flooring will remain clean, professional, and safe for years to come.